Hk 30' Sport Catamaran

Hull & Deck ONLY

Hk 30' Sport Cat

As of January 2020, Hellkats Powerboats has established itself for having the fastest 30-ft, small-tunnel, 44-inch catamaran that has run up to 124 mph!


Our original, but classic redesigned Spectra Hulls are safe, fast, and superbly built and this is why this combo is that of a winning brand. 


Hellkat Hulls come from past traditions, have endured and stood the test of time in every sea condition.

Hk 30' Fully-Rigged Sport Catamaran


Hk 30' Fully-Rigged Sport Cat

When purchasing our Hk 30′ Sport fully-rigged you will have the choice of Outboards, Electronics, Stereo/Audio, Controls, Jack Plates and more. 

We can assist in trailer acquisition and even shipping depending on your budget and overall needs. 


Due to the variations of how these cats can be set up from Outboards,  Jack Plates, Audio/Visual Components to paint, we list only Approximate Pricing as these are all custom-ordered boats. 


For more information on our 30′ Sport, please contact us through either phone or email. Thanks again for choosing Hellkats Powerboats.

30’ Boat Fully Rigged with a